Authentic Marketing

In it blows on a fresh breeze just when so many of us have grown disillusioned by the hype of conventional marketing advice; that feeling that we “should” be presenting ourselves in ways that conforms to our potential customers’ expectations. Traditionally we are advised to create a subtle misrepresentation of our business defined on by what we are told is the norm, the right thing to do in business.

There is a new way of thinking about marketing. If you believe in your product, are genuinely aligned with what you do, and you present your business with integrity and dignity, your ideal clients will be drawn to you, and they will be far more likely to experience satisfaction.

The first refreshing step is to realize that there are enough clients and customers out there who want exactly what you are offering, and will take comfort in knowing that it is being represented accurately.

Image of Invisible ManAuthenticity is precise market placement. You are describing your business so that those who are naturally attracted to your goods and services can find you. They will feel as if you are speaking directly to them. Ultimately it increases sales because you are speaking to a defined niche.

How do you do this? Begin by thoroughly defining your business. How accurate are your company’s vision and mission statements? Where they written to conform to business standards? Or do they define the driving force behind your business? Are your passions palpable? Let them come through. When you read your writing do you feel an excited energy? Customers sense that energy and ride on it. This cannot be manufactured.

When you begin to present your work from this foundation, you will attract people who are more likely to connect with you, like you, and trust you. They will also be customers who you enjoy working with because they are aligned with your passion.

Using language that is powerful and direct inspires people who share your values. Capture what is real about your product or service. Without hesitation, tell the world proudly what you have to offer.

Marketing is about relationship building. When we come from a place of authenticity, when we allow our personalities to come out in our businesses, our connections are more genuine and have greater ease. We can relax into who we are and celebrate it.