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Social Media, Newsletter & Blog Package

A com­plete solu­tion for cre­ating and man­aging social media (Social Media Package), plus a newsletter and blog – impor­tant com­po­nents of your overall elec­tronic com­mu­ni­ca­tion strategy. Every­thing is branded to inte­grate with your mar­keting mate­rials and may be gen­er­ated on a weekly, monthly or quar­terly basis. We can com­pletely write and manage these for you or col­lab­o­rate with you and your team.

  • This package includes everything from the Social Media Package II:
    • A Social Media Strategy Plan to keep you on track
    • Creation of Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and LinkedIn accounts
    • Population of those accounts with your specific images and information
    • One custom-designed and branded Facebook Splash Page for your business (see Social Media Package I)
    • One custom-designed and branded Twitter page background
    • Development of your first 60 updates for all social media accounts
    • First 60 messages posted to your accounts on a daily basis, keeping your pages fresh
    • Inviting and managing your contacts to your new social media sites
  • Plus a Monthly Newsletter
    • Custom-designed email newsletter template
    • Monthly email newsletter content development – three articles per newsletter
    • Identify/purchase/upload images
    • Newsletter list management
    • Post-newsletter reporting that tracks bounces, the number of mails opened and click-throughs– information that helps you understanding the impact of your communication
    • Creation of PDF version of newsletter for print
  • Plus a Bimonthly Blog
    • Custom-designed blog template in web-based application that integrates with your branding and marketing materials
    • Ghost-written monthly blog posts based on discussion of timely topics
    • Creation and management of links to your blog on email, your website and social media sites

    $5,200 for design, development and setup
    $1,200 monthly recurring charge

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